Southeastern South American sea level in the Last Interglacial

Selfie in front of a Last Interglacial beach deposit in Caleta Olivia, Argentina. It was windy! Yesterday was a happy day, as I had my first publication of the year. It is a compilation of sea-level data from the Last Interglacial for Uruguay, Argentina and one site from Chile. There is a long heritage of … Continue reading Southeastern South American sea level in the Last Interglacial

To be a doctor

During the past couple of days, my Twitter feed has been ablaze due to the inflammatory, sexist Wall Street Journal opinion piece by Joseph Epstein. In this piece, Epstein infantilizes the accomplishments of Dr. Jill Biden, and dismisses her expertise. As a white, straight man, it might be easy to dismiss this, as I am … Continue reading To be a doctor

On History

As a geologist, we are introduced to the concept of uniformitarianism early in our scientific career, namely the principle that "the presentĀ is the key to theĀ past". Our understanding of geological processes is dependent on the assumption that the physical processes we observe now are the same as what operated in the past. As a climate … Continue reading On History