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Electoral Reform in Canada

2015 has come to an end, and it has been an up and down year for me. I plan on elaborating on this in another post, but I’ll just say for now that posting more on my blog will be a part of what I hope will be a better 2016.

2016 is here, and for the Canadian federal Liberal government, electoral reform is on the docket. Indeed, if the Liberals are serious about this issue, they could make a lasting impact on our democracy, and change how politics are done in our country. However, electoral reform is not really something that is advocated by entrenched parties that have benefited from the current electoral system. So why is electoral reform being pursued? Let’s have a look. Continue reading

State of the World, December 2015

Those who know me are well aware that I usually am pretty tuned into the affairs of the world, and am not afraid of making my views know. Since I finished my PHD, I’ve struggled to deal with the flux of my life, and therefore have stayed further and further from discussing these manners.

But make no mistake, I am paying attention. And it depresses me. Continue reading

First post

This is my new website, where I will share my thoughts on the world of science (particularly Earth science) and other topics that may or may not be related to that. Make sure to look at my about page, which will explain my interests and motivations.

Also make sure to check out On Circulation, a blog I used to contribute to when I was a PHD student at The Australian National University.